DARI's Predictive Technology Can Help

CJR TimelinePredict patient risk profile.

DARI technology can help providers predict complications and objectively assess patient risk. This gives providers the power to proactively manage the joint-care pathway from day one.

  • Identify probable complications and manage them proactively
  • Reduce risk exposure with personalized predictive analytics
  • Intelligently manage patient expectations and match demand level

Proactively manage risk, improve outcomes and quality.

Objective data makes it possible to craft a personalized pre-surgical treatment plan. This allows patients to correct kinematic asymmetry before surgery, optimizing their capacity for success.

  • Identify kinematic asymmetry, objectively prepare patient for success
  • "Prehabilitate" with actionable data to drive outcome excellence

Decrease cost and increase effectiveness of post-acute care.  

Streamlining rehabilitation through DARI can help providers optimize post-acute care spending while further improving patient outcomes.

  • Enable earlier homecare transition through focused rehabilitation

Objectively track patient outcomes.

DARI allows providers to objectively track and report on patient outcomes. This gives them a population-level view of CJR performance while also increasing patient engagement, retention and satisfaction.

  • Establish objective functional milestones for each episode of care