Objectively Measure and Manage Patient Outcomes

Improve patient outcomes with accurate and precise data.

Better patient outcomes — that's the continual goal of any healthcare provider. When a person enters the healthcare system, they expect to receive the best care using the most up-to-date information and techniques. But because everyone is different and responds differently to treatments, even proper treatment can have varying outcomes. Currently, healthcare providers are reliant on patient feedback to determine how well people recover, with the common questions, "How do you feel?" and "What is your pain level?"

DARI delivers the data to make a better, faster diagnosis.

DARI provides healthcare providers and patients a more objective understanding of a patient's condition. Imagine telling a patient, based on demonstrated facts, "You've gained more than 30 degrees of range of motion in your knee," or "You're recovering on pace to return to the target range of motion."

Using pre- and post-evaluations during rehabilitation as the focus, a healthcare provider can show a patient exactly where and how they've gotten better.

DARI creates a custom roadmap to help each patient.  

Healthcare providers can focus on specific areas of need. Spend less time assessing and surveying, and more time actively engaged in treating patients.

This information is critical for advancements in healthcare techniques that will ultimately reduce costs by eliminating waste while also giving you the information you need for better results. Better patient outcomes happen through DARI.