Learning how to help yourself is the most powerful information you can obtain for you and your family.

Personalized Motion Education

  • Using your personalized motion data from the InspireHP Dari 3D Motion Lab and further consultation your movement pattern picture is formed.
  • InspireHP’s award winning licensed health care professionals explain the WHY behind your motion deficits.
  • Understanding your motion will allow you to recognize your risks of potential injury.
  • Take ownership of your movement and focus on specialized exercises to improve your deficits.

The #InspireDifference

InspireHP is committed to helping you understand your motion. Educating you on your movement patterns is the first step in preventing injury. Knowing where you are in your movement patterns is just as important in knowing where you need to go.

Take the guess work out of understanding how your body moves by working with the facts on your personalized movement patterns.