We take pride in delivering the highest level of care to our clients. Please read what some of our clients have said about us.

“…I really did not know what I was going to do but I had to believe that it would work…I had injured my foot about 8 months prior to seeing Chris, I had seen 6 other doctors and one foot specialist… I spent 3 months in a boot and was put on crutches… I was also introduced to the worst pain ever with getting my arch scraped every two days for 5 months…” “On April 19, 2012 I had scheduled an appointment with Chris and he introduced me to Z-Health… after doing a couple exercises I was back to my normal walk. It was the craziest thing I ever experienced in my life. Chris had me performing ladder drills, jogging, sprints, high knees, and karaoke; things I had not done in 8 months, and all were done PAIN FREE… Since working with Chris I have had maybe two days that my foot has hurt, I now have the tools that I can do several simple exercises and the pain is gone.” Hunter, Winfield

“After visiting with Chris at a golf outing about the pain that I had in my foot for over a year, he showed me several very simple exercises to do. I was able to walk pain free within a few short minutes. The next day, I did experience a little pain I did the exercises again and was again able to walk pain free. Within three days the pain was completely gone. I was even able to play basketball again, which is how I hurt it originally.” “Chris really knows his sports medicine.” Paul, Wichita

“My name is Melissa and I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist… Approximately one year ago, in October 2014 I was in a major biking accident. I was participating in the Austin half ironman when the accident happened. I had competed in several triathlons prior to this event and I would have considered myself quite an experienced athlete. One of the other riders on a long downhill slid in front of my bike crashing right into me, I really don’t remember much of the accident. Next thing I remember was coming to on the side of the road, unable to get up, seeing stars, and the worst case of nausea I have ever experienced.
I was then taken by race workers to the medic tent, and was evaluated my for injuries. Unfortunately they did not evaluate me for a head injury. Even though my helmet was cracked… My sentences did not make sense and I kept repeating things. I came home with a horrible head ache and extreme nausea.… In my position it is imperative that I am able to evaluate patients quickly and thoroughly. On that Monday I had to leave work in the morning because of my intense headache and nausea would not subside. I went right to the doctor’s office where I was evaluated and told I had suffered a concussion. I also had a CT scan of the head. The doctor gave me some pain pills and anti-nausea medication but not further instructions. I then was off work the following day. When I returned to work I continued with a severe headache and things were extremely foggy… The ER physician diagnosed me with Post-Concussion Syndrome. For others reading this who have not experienced the symptoms it is difficult to put into words.
I was unable to focus on anything and the fatigue I experienced was intense along with the nausea and headache. It was constantly debilitating. I went to the neurologist who stated it would just take intense rest and no stimulation. I am an active mother who is the primary breadwinner for my family. I am not sedentary, at this point my days consisted of staring out windows and sleeping. My family did not know what to do. Two weeks went by like this, then one of my coworkers told me about Chris Fleming and his Post-Concussion Therapy. I made an appointment and went to see him the next day. He tested me and worked visual therapy with me, this helped immensely with the nausea. He worked with me daily for weeks… he even came to my home to help. I cannot convey to you how much this therapy worked. I followed all of his instructions because it was helping me with activities of daily living. I wanted to be myself again. My family and friends were stressed also because I was in this zombie like state. Chris helped me out of it with the Post-Concussion Therapy. I was able to go back to work. I might have eventually gotten back to myself but I know with Chris’ therapy this exacerbated my recovery. I will always be grateful for the help he gave me. He helped me be Melissa again. He helped me get my brain back.” Melissa, Wichita