DARI Human Motion Analytics System

DARI is the only markerless predictive human motion analytics system and the most advanced data management software for human movement in the world.

DARI leads the industry in 3D motion-capture biomechanical applications for human performance, musculoskeletal health and injury prevention. In a 10-foot-by-10-foot space, we install an easy-to-use motion-capture system with software that intelligently analyzes each movement and delivers real-time analytics so you can apply results within seconds. The powerful DARI Vault® performance analysis software uploads files to the cloud automatically and securely and generates a customized, easy-to-read report.

Every piece of human physics produced during movement is easily captured, processed and managed: the joint torque of an ankle during a vertical jump and the rotations of the femur and tibia about the knee during a squat. Every aspect of the biomechanics of human movement becomes instantly and easily quantifiable. In addition, DARI makes the information accessible and meaningful.


At each stage in our development, we found and overcame obstacles: too much data, the data cannot be processed quickly, the data is too hard to interpret, we can’t screen enough subjects in a day…

Rather than accept these problems, we focused on solutions.

With DARI, you can:

Capture biomechanical analysis sessions easily
Deliver motion-capture data quickly
Manage your data with DARI Vault® analysis software
The overriding concept behind DARI is that efficiency and precision lead to better performance, and better information leads to better decisions.

DARI is being used by corporate and employee wellness programs, sport and fitness professionals, the military and healthcare and rehabilitation professionals.